Enlighten Tea  = XYS custom made for TCM Practitioners.

  • KEEP CALM THROUGH THE STRESSES OF LIFE - Do you have days where stress from work piles up and it starts to turn into anxiety? That stress makes it hard to sleep, connect with loved ones and really feel truly yourself. It’s time to return to your authentic relaxed self. That’s where Enlighten Tea comes in. Its designed specifically to help you return to feeling like you again.
  • SLEEP WELL, WAKE UP REFRESHED - Getting good sleep is critical for the body's repair processes. It helps repair muscle tissue, gives natural energy, and helps in the healing process.  The herbs in XYS can help to support the body's natural sleep rhythms.
  • XYS is one of the top herbal formulas prescribed by TCM practitioners - The herbs from Enlighten Tea come from deep inside China in an ancient growing region. We make sure to source the best herbs we can find. *

Sooth Stress and Feel Better

Get rid of stress and feel better. Plain and simple.

Traditionally it was called Xiao Yao San, we call it Enlighten tea. For over 900 years this formula has been used to help support the body's responses to stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Modern research is starting to show what the traditional doctors have known for years.  *

It regulates the stress chemical cortisol in the body. It does this by helping the liver to breakdown excessive levels cortisol from the nervous system.  A little stress is a good thing, but too much causes problems like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Who wants that? *

Traditional Harvesting | Traditional Formula

We make our tea the traditional way – we harvest herbs from 500 year old farms on the sides of ancient mountains in rural China. These farms use traditional and pure growing practices that create powerfully nourishing herbs.

We prepare the herbs according to a time proven method passed down from master to student for over 900 years – so you know its authentic. *


People Love the Taste

Not only is the tea been used for centuries to support stress and related issues, patients report that it tastes great too. Our master herbalist who has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over 50 years insured it tastes incredibly good: sweet, earthy and bold. Its simple to brew, just pour boiling water into a mug, add tea and a few minutes later you are ready to go.  *


Tested for pesticides and other negative substances

Many herbs imported to the US are of poor quality and contain pesticides and heavy metals. 

We have hand selected the highest quality herbs in the world from award winning farms in China's Sichuan province. We have tested them to insure they are the highest quality and potency that we can find after exhaustive searching for the best quality from Asia.


Sipping Enlighten Tea throughout the day has helped stabilize my mood.
— Alan, from Virginia
I drink enlighten tea whenever I’m having a hard day. It just makes the world feel easier.
— Sarah, from California

Your patients deserve the best XYS.

Get Enlighten Tea.